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Tel: 440-315-0628

Twitter (X): @Patrick_Star17

Instagram (art): @GeyserArt

Instagram (personal) @Old_Faithful17

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Patrick Geyser is an award winning artist who specializes in oil painting, watercolor, and gouache.  Patrick invites you to interact with his work up close but more importantly from afar; let your eye blend the image from the magnitude of color being used. 

Patrick is a published illustrated with his book Miami Memories A-Z  where he painted 27 watercolors for the book. He has drawn two federal court room cases in Cleveland with his work being used on all NBC stations in the country. He has also been featured on Donavan Live! a nightly TV program on WKYC in Cleveland showcasing his work. His work was last seen in public at the Solon Center of the Arts in solo exhibition. 

Please contact Patrick for any commissioned work or inquiry on prints



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